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Footsteps In The Sand

Footsteps In The Sand     

by Stewart Portela and Sam Walton
Price: $20.00

Book Website:

372 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-615-13452-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-13452-9

The book Footsteps In The Sand is a historical and spiritual look at the lives of over 100 individuals from the Greatest Generation. Most of the people in the book are veterans of WWII and they have shared their thoughts, memories, and testimony of their time during WWII. Along with the veterans words are comments and memories from numerous individuals that worked on the farms and industrial plants back home during the war years.

About The Author

Stewart Portela has been an award winning teacher and coach for the past twenty-four years. He currently teaches in the small town of Firth, Idaho. He teaches Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Weight Training, Biology, and Honors Biolgy. He has coached twelve state championship teams in Track and Field and two in Basketball. In 2003 he was named the Idaho Acheivment Academy Teacher Of The Year. Stewart has been married to his wife Esther for twenty-four years and they have three children. Co-author Sam Walton recently retired from the U.S. Army where he was a member of the parachute team in the 101st Airborne Division. He lives in Pocatello with his wife Heather and their three children.


In the book "Heroes Among Us" Stewart brings to life the history of numerous veterans from WWII through the Iraq War. In "Footsteps In The Sand" he now focuses the beautiful history of 100 WWII veterans and their families. This so called Greatest Generation has had an impact that is immeasurable upon our society. Every patriotic American should consider this book as required reading. -Mark Russell Rapp, author/editor/publisher

Customer Reviews

Darryl L. Fite from St. George , Ut
 A wonderful read. My Uncle is in the book and he told me about it. I purchased a book and couldnt put it down. Very impressed and I am in awe of what this generation did for our country.
Jerry L. Davidson from Salt Lake City , Ut
 Once again, Stewart Portela has put togethor a wonderful book about our veterans. Our family enjoyed his first book so much that we bought each of our children this second book about the WWII Veterans and their families back home. The story about the Black Sheep Pilot, Fred Losch, was amazing. I learned so much

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