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The Sky Club

The Sky Club     

by Ian Feldman
Price: $29.95

Book Website: and

544 Pages, Hardback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-9743673-0-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9743673-0-9

The Sky Club - Synopsis: A man on his final mission for Britain's Spy Network unseals a secret document concealed for over fifty years revealing a shocking truth from the past: that Allied commandos had not thwarted Germany's nuclear bomb, they had only driven it underground forcing the creation of a device hundreds of times more powerful than the Atomic Bomb eventually dropped on Hiroshima. . . A secret Nazi organization, unknown even to Churchill's Intelligence geniuses and General Groves' ALSOS teams, had been formed exploiting German nuclear scientists and extorted Jewish nuclear physicists in a diabolical conspiracy to create the world's first Hydrogen Bomb. Caught in an emotional struggle between his idealism for the Reich and exploding the Nazi's Super Bomb on innocent civilians as Germany nears it's disastrous end in 1945, the secret organization's leader Horst Deeke inevitably becomes the only Nazi with the ability to destroy it . . Crossing the globe, it's high-energy plot adroitly races between the forces of good and evil in a dark tale of fearless men, lavishly beautiful women and mysterious locales, beginning in the pre-war idealism of Germany's propaganda schemes. As Horst Deeke's future is viciously destroyed by his vindictive Nazi overlord, his transformation finally drives a fanatical revenge to destroy his own creation. But, after being stripped of his authority, he may be left powerless to stop Nazi Germany's diabolical leaders from exploding their disastrous horror somewhere in the Allied world . . .

About The Author

Ian Feldman - Author of The Sky Club Drawing on his background as an officer in the US Army's Military Police during the Vietnam era, his English Grandmother's tales of her years as a double agent for Scotland Yard and the German Abwehr from the 1930's and her diaries after the War, has inspired Ian Feldman's passion for the intrigue and history of WWII. Born in Twickenham, England, in the remains of a bombed out nursing home at War's end, he has always maintained connections to his home-land of birth along with the incredible legends of sacrifice and heroism experienced at the hands of Nazi Germany. His first novel is an historical fiction that crosses the globe beginning in his adopted hometown in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and involving a mysterious chateau that still exists from the shadow years before the Second World War. Ian is a Military Historian and is producing two additional books as sequels to The Sky Club. All of his fact based fictional novels are arranged in a time sequence from the 1930's with the development of Nazi Nuclear technology up to the end of the Second World War ("The Sky Club" ISBN 0-9743673-0-3 - Hard Cover) ; . . merging into the "Cold War" intrigues of American, Soviet and British spy conflicts in Europe in the late 1940's through the 1950's, and culminating in the Soviet's first Hydrogen Bomb detonation ("Rendezvous in Majorca" ISBN 0-9743673-6-2 - Hard Cover); . . and finally evolving into the last novel in this series ("Har Megiddon" ISBN 1-932623-02-7 - Hard Cover), a climatic struggle between Arab fundamentalists and the future existence of Israel. From circumstances that evolved during the SALT talks in the Reagan era to today's world shattering post 9/11 events triggering the elimination of Saddam Hussain's regime in Iraq by the United States, the final book resolves the 'real' reason why we invaded Iraq. . . . to prevent a horror so unthinkable that it will engulf the entire world in a nuclear Armageddon, if a key demand by a renegade commander of Israel's Nuclear Missile Command at Megiddo is not met. . . . Ian Feldman lives with his wife in the mountains of Georgia.