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by john g rees
Price: $14.95

Book Website:

384 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-578-05980-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-05980-8

This book, Halocline, begins as a torturous quest for survival and independence once again washes up on the shores of Romania. Over a thousand years ago a war was fought on the sands of the coast. Good did not win. But the winds of change are blowing and the Roma will have to go through hell all over again if they are to keep the right to live. Jake must decide whether to save himself or a people from a fate worse than death. Kismet once again makes the choice. Who’s to say which is the better? The risks are great and the cost his soul. The battle will be on two fronts with Megacorp and limitless greed on one side and the malevolence of a madman on the other. As Jake says, ‘it’s like being between a rock and a rock.’ And it would be nice if it were all that simple. But it is not and Jake will have to confront the evil within himself when it gets tight if they are to prevail. For Jake this is no small task. And the odds are overwhelming. A halocline occurs when fresh water mixes with salt water. A perfect example exists in the Black Sea. The result is a blurry translucent miasma, which makes it difficult to see things in perspective. In our novel the halocline phenomena is a metaphor. All is not as it appears and is ever in flux. Past and present, good and evil, domination and independence, hatred and love, dreams and reality commingle creating a halocline of life that is nearly impossible to navigate or ever forget.

About The Author

john g rees, has traveled around the world for work and pleasure, which has included time as a commercial diver, outlaw and painter. Raised in the dark environs of a funeral home in rural Indiana, he slid through San Francisco in the 70's, moving to the Hawaiian Islands in the mid-80's. After the death of his father and that of a close friend, john started writing: first for release and continuing at the urging of some friends. Never finding what he expects. He likes it that way. He has been happily married for 20 years.

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