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The Chartreuse Envelope: Murder In Memphis

The Chartreuse Envelope: Murder In Memphis     

by James C. Paavola
Price: $13.95

Book Website:  http://

306 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-10: 0-578-05490-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-578-05490-2

James Paavola introduces the first novel in his "murder in Memphis" series: "The Chartreuse Envelope: Murder In Memphis." Wall Street meets Main Street in Memphis, Tennessee. When the subprime mortgage strategies began to unwind in 2007, and the stock market experienced the first waves of economic collapse, Dr. Charleze Mitchell hatched a daring scheme to save her hedge fund - involving industrial sabotage, illegal stock price manipulation, and murder. Memphis Police Lieutenant Julia Todd matches wits with the brilliant and desperate hedge fund manager. Beginning with the appearance of a blood-stained chartreuse envelope, she systematically uncovers Mitchell's intricate plot, and the planned murder of three biomedical engineers. Both women are products of abusive parents. One child matured to be protective of others' rights, and one became self-protective and Machiavellian. These two women lead their respective teams in a high stake es game of the winner lives.

About The Author

Dr. James Paavola has been a practicing psychologist for over 35 years. His primary focus has been children, adolescents, families, and the education system. He has participated in numerous projects involving the police that addressed physical & sexual abuse, substance abuse, youth gangs, and police procedures for responding to citizens with mental illness. He facilitated Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for fire fighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and members of law enforcement. Dr. Paavola is semi-retired, with a small personal coaching practice. He lives with his wife in Memphis, Tennessee. This suspense/thriller is written from the perspective of a fictional psychologist. Psycho-social themes are woven through the story: the power of family whether nurturing or violent, trauma and human capacity for resilience, and the importance for empathy in a healthy society.


"...inticately plotted mystery thriller...Sleuthing is engaging...Paavola keeps the action coming and his characters consistently interesting..." Kirkus Discoveries "...well thought out...riveting...couldn't put it down." Colonel Lori Bullard, Memphis Police Precinct Commander, Union Station

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