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Cookbook for Money

Cookbook for Money     

by Greg Warner
Price: $14.95

Book Website:

252 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-10: 0-9718627-1-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9718627-1-5

Have you ever cooked a meal that was simple for you to make and tasted great? What a joy it is to enjoy a great meal that you've created by mastering a few cooking fundamentals. That is what Cookbook for Money is all about - helping you master some money fundamentals so you can stop worrying about money and start enjoying the things that mean the most in your life. Like a conversation over the kitchen table, this book is simple, practical and complete. It also explores the psychology of money and happiness and presents some surprising findings.

About The Author

Greg Warner has been helping his clients create more positive options in their financial lives for 30 years. His mission is to help his clients simplify their financial situation and make better informed decisions so they can focus on the areas of their lives that bring them joy and satisfaction. Greg is the author of How to Manage Your Retirement Cash Flows and leads financial seminars on managing and investing money. He is a Financial Advisor in Walnut Creek, California. In his leisure time, Greg enjoys cooking and can often be found cooking for family and friends. He also enjoys skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing and tennis with his three children


"Cookbook for Money is an excellent financial guide and very complete. I love the way you use the cooking metaphor---it really works!" Cynthia Meyers, MBA, Certified Financial Planner

Customer Reviews

Julia Thomson, Registered Paraplanner from Phoenix , AZ
 After getting past my initial bad reaction to the use of cooking as a metaphor for managing money (especially by a man), I saw that the cooking metaphor actually held up fairly well.

Thankfully, instead of coming off as the patronizing male expert, Warner does a great job of playing the "older brother" with solid financial advice for women, and broad coverage of a complex topic.

While there are other books that get into more depth about investment strategies, estate planning or budgeting, Warner's book is an excellent survey book, covering almost every conceivable topic having to do with money--from budgeting basics to retirement and estate planning. He even includes advice on how to protect your money from scams, frauds and identity theft.

If you know next to nothing about managing your money, but you want to get started, Warner's book is a great place to start.
Suzanne Krasna, CFP from Walnut Creek , CA
 Book Review

By Suzanne Krasna, CFP

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